New Year, New Things

For three and a half years we have dreamt and grown into a special place for our community. We feel very blessed to have customers that love sharing us with their friends. Every day we meet new families who need a break or helping hand, and we are happy to help.


This year we have had some ’firsts’ we are really proud of. In February we began our Date Night events where the kids have fun activities, pizza and play while you get time to step out and recharge. We started with once a month and quickly found that you needed them twice a month.

Then we introduced our summer camps. One week of themed games, crafts, snacks, books and playtime made for an enjoyable summer break and we look forward to more this summer!

We tried a Craft n Play event that had a lot of interest but was poorly timed... we will be organizing more events like this in the future so mom’s can relax, craft and build friendships while the kids play near by.

2020 vision

This year we will be focused on updating our space and business. We want to bring you fresh options to keep the kids happy and continue to help you accomplish your goals (ie run errands, me time, Date Night to name a few). Here are some of the things we’ve started changing already:

  • Monthly specials to give you more value

  • All Day Play Passes for families who need a safe place to play together

  • More Party Package options to create the perfect celebration for your child and less stress on you

  • Adding our popular Bulk Hour packages and gift certificates to the website store to make gifting play time that much easier

  • Simplification of our drop off care pricing

Keep checking back to learn about the other changes and improvements we have planned to make WnG the place to be!

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