WnG summer fun

We had good intentions when we planned our very detailed activities for Monday through Thursday. Learning activities hold a special part of our 'teacher heart'. But providing a fun and safe environment for your child is our number one priority. So we have decided to have activities that are more open ended and themes that allow more opportunity for fun.

Make Something Monday we will allow your child to create with art supplies, play dough or legos. Then we will post pictures of said creativity on FB, instagram and here on our web site. Pictures of the artist will only be included if permission has been granted by the parent on the 'sign in' paper. 

Time to Read Tuesday will still happen but we will move it to 11:30. Themes will be posted soon. 

Wiggly Wednesday will be activities like jumping on our new blowup bounce house (socks will be required to participate), going up, down and around in an obstacle course or running through a bubble hurricane. 

Thinking Thursday will be 'as needed' and will be brought out when asked for. There will be puzzles, legos, building challenges and games (including the fidget spinner game we posted last month). 

One thing we will be more vigilant about is showing off the 'extras' we do for the kids. For instance the ever-changing sensory bin that the kids enjoy, play dough mats that help build strong fingers and rotating out our books and toys to enhance your child's experience with us. We believe that children learn through play and we want to foster many opportunities for this. 

Kids will always be welcome to participate in these activities but never required. 

Let us know what things you'd like to see! 

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