This was a fun party to prepare for. The parents planned this to be a surprise for the birthday girl, and boy was she surprised! We were set up before they got there and when she came in it was empty of kids. She was grumpy because she thought her party was somewhere else, but once she noticed her name on the board her frown turned right around!

That was so special for us to see.

This was a platinum package, so she got the works. We closed for her 2 hour slot, and I did my best to let others know we would not be available. I post on facebook and have signs up that tell the timeframe we will be closed, so please check before you head our way, especially on the weekends. The dates are filling up quickly!

We provided freshly made popcorn and a cheese sheet pizza from Pudgie's Pizza. The family opted to use our Great American Cookie discount and received an adorable cookie cake.

A girly sensory table with a lot of sparkle!

It was so fun to prepare for this Barbie-tastic party. We are so thankful that we were able to make this birthday girl's day special.

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