Another Dinosaur Party Success

This party was so much fun and completely different than our previous Dinosaur themed party, even though they were both the Platinium party package. It was a private party, so we closed our doors to the public for the entire 2 hours. We found plenty of unique personal touches that gave the party a real 'roaring' flare!

We provided fresh popcorn from our popcorn machine and ordered a sheet pizza from Pudgies. The family brought in and was still able to fit a ton of food in our party room. No one went hungry!

This party animal was guarding the presents for the 2 birthday boys.

We changed up our sensory table to go with the theme too. This is a fun way for party guests to interact with the theme.

Though guests were not limited to the 'themed' toys and welcome to play with any of our toys, too. We have something for everyone available at all times.

We loved helping the family members make these guys feel special on 'their day'. I love the smiles going on in this picture!

The family chose the BEAM system over the ball pit, and it was a great decision. Every age was entertained and playing together so well! This is really great for any age - and parents are welcome to jump in too!

We still offer bunches of beautiful Mylar balloons to decorate for your party. And each child attendee is able to take one with them as they go!

And then there is the goody bags. How cute were these??!??! I loved this idea so much, and it was such a hit with the family and guests! It was totally worth the cutting and assembling to give the celebration a memorable end.

When it was time to go the family was able to load up and go. We cleaned up whatever was left and took out the trash. Easy peasey!

Do you know someone with a special day coming up? Can we help you make it extra special? Contact us soon and reserve your special date!

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