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September Activities

The calendar for September is ready! It's 'back to school time so I know that many of the school age children will be busy during the day, but we still plan on being open our full hours. SAHM with littles? Let us give you a break! Homeschooler? Welcome! Have the day off and it's not a good day to play outside? Come on in! Our doors will be open!

Last month we started Story Hour, Craft Night and a very successful Olympic game night, so we will be continuing these activities in September. What would you like to add to the list? What do you want more of? Please feel free to comment below or take our survey from the 'help us help you' post and give us more info to base our decisions on!

Remember that announcement we made about an interactive projection that will get your child moving and working on teamwork? We are almost ready to install Eyeclick's Beam system and are anxious to get playing! Here is another video showing some of the awesome games that will be available!

'Back to school' means your child will need a place to get out the extra energy that builds up when adjusting to classroom time. We will be glad to help! Open full hours with our fun, attentive staff at your disposal. Hang out or go grab those last minute things for dinner and it will be a win-win for your family for sure.

'Back to School' will also mean free stuff for your child. They can get a free drink or snack when they stay with us and bring in a spelling or math test with a good grade! We'd love to hear your student is striving to make the most of their education and we want to encourage them!

So check out our events page and grab a September calendar! It's going to be a crazy, busy, fun month so lets spend it together!

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