Under new management?!?!?!

Many of you have noticed (some have even posted about it on FB) ... Wiggles N Giggles is under new management!

Let me introduce myself.

My son and I building together

Hi! I'm Jessica Bennett. I am the new owner of Wiggles N Giggles Play Land, along with my husband. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Inclusive Childhood Education and 20+ years of experience working with children, including teaching for 6 years locally. I am also a mom.

As parents of 3 little ones we know the value of regular time away and the struggle to find responsible and experienced caretakers you can trust your children to.

Our vision is to provide a fun, safe and enriching environment for you to bring your child while you take time for your important tasks. Time for date night, running errands, shopping working out at a local fitness club, or just grabbing some coffee with a friend. Wiggles N Giggles will strive to give your child a great time while also giving you peace of mind that they are in very capable hands.

So stop in and say hi! And share the news with your friends!

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